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Selling Soap At Craft Fairs - Observations


We went to visit a local craft show this past weekend. We were there just to observe and to buy a few things. If you have experience selling soap at craft fairs you have to check out the soap sellers at these events. This is a show we worked as vendors for several years. Here are a few ideas.

There really was not much soap at this show. About 150 vendors work this event. It is heavy on the food and light on high quality crafts. In the past of the 150 vendors about 6 or 7 would sometimes have soap. This time there were only 2 mainly soap vendors and a couple of others with a little soap.

Maybe this is an indication that the masses of "get rich with soap" people in this area have given up. That means more room for serious makers of soap. One of the two vendors has been at it for about 8 years and this seemed to be a good weekend to be returning with soap to this long running show.

I saw both soap people making sales and smiles were in evidence.

There was a lot of room for improvement in both displays.

One was very cluttered and confusing. The other is very organized but facing the wrong way.

In both cases though these soap sellers had what you want. People who want to buy soap and not much soap on hand. I love it. Having a lot of soap sellers show up at a show is not a good thing for you... All in all the lack of soap at this event is a good sign for serious makers and sellers of soap.

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