A Soap Business

Wholesale Soap Supplies


Getting in the position to buy wholesale soap supplies means a substantial savings. Here are tips to keep in mind when purchasing soap making supplies.

Natural soap recipes often call for ingredients not found in your town. Then again, some staples may be right nearby.

Olive oil for example may be as cheap at discount warehouses as you can find it anywhere. Especially since so-called pure olive oil makes for as good a soap as the more expensive virgin olive oil. That's a case of shopping around and knowing what to look for.

Having a business license gets you in some places with real deals.

You're most likely locked out of industrial chemical warehouses with the right licenses and permits. But within some chemical suppliers you find lye for soap making at what appears to be almost a give-away deal.

It takes some digging to get in the right spots to buy some things. Let the telephone be your guide and maybe the Internet as well.

Here's another thing.

Soap makers tend to flock together. Get the right connection and you can mostly buy as part of co-op orders and get wholesale-like prices without the required order volume. That means lower prices and lower amounts to store.

The Internet seems to revolve around soap making or is it just me? Suppliers of soap making ingredients are everywhere. Ordering soap oils, lye and fragrances from all over the world at discount prices is as simple as clicking a few buttons and the packages end up at the door. It's amazing.

Look at Columbus Foods, Liberty Natural Products and Glory Bee...

Saving money on supplies is far from the main priority to start. Making the best soap is and making it in an efficient manner is too.

You may want to look at the possible sources of wholesale soap supplies for your initial cost estimates for products. Spend most of your time at first just learning to make soap that works and works great.

One possibility for hobby soap makers is to turn all those bars you make into a soap business.

Getting the volume of sales depends on how well you market which we cover in our material about starting a soap making business.


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